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Whether you are looking for a new rental apartment in Berlin or your dream of owning your own home in Berlin: we will help you find your new home in Berlin – as a real estate professional at & on your side!

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    For Rent
    1,900 EUR/mo

    6 bd / 2 ba / 132 m²

    375,000 EUR

    4 bd / 1 ba / 96 m²

    For Rent
    2,000 EUR/mo

    5 bd / 2 ba / 110 m²

    Not available
    238,000 EUR

    3 bd / 1 ba / 90 m²

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    About Us

    Hi, my name is Mathias Schmidt and I have been involved in the real estate industry since 2013. First as a junior, later senior and now self-employed due to business closure for age reasons.

    As a business graduate (FH) and trained tax specialist, I could rightly be called a „Quereinsteiger“ in the real estate industry in 2013… however, with passion, perseverance and continuous training comes the necessary experience!

    Since the beginning of this year, my team and I have specialized in finding apartments for tenants as well as the best suitable tenants for landlords in Berlin. But also the purchase and sale of residential property in cooperation w/ other professionals are among our strengths.

    It still fills me with tremendous joy to meet great people and to help them find their new home in Berlin!

    Not everyone can or wants to buy property in Berlin. A city like Berlin lives from the dynamics of its residents. And every neighborhood has its own special characteristics. This is exactly where our well established relationships with property management companies and real estate owners in Berlin really start to shine!

    For you, this means a grown network of professionals – true to our motto „Everything from one source… but not everything out of the same head!

    Find Your Perfect Home

    Unique Listings

    For Rent
    3,235 EUR/mo

    Bedrooms: 6/ Baths: 2 / Sq Ft: 145 m²

    For Rent
    1,100 EUR/mo

    Bedrooms: 1 / Baths: 1 / Sq Ft: 45 m²

    Upon Request
    995,000 EUR

    Bedrooms: 5 / Baths: 2 / Sq Ft: 220 m²

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    What Are You Looking For?


    You are looking for a new apartment in Berlin? You are willing to pay a brokerage fee for our efforts to help you find an apartment in Berlin? Then tell us exactly what you are looking for! We will help you!


    An apartment is out of the question for you?! You would rather rent a house in Berlin and the surrounding area? Or an apartment building, e.g. a unit in a two- or three-family house with a garden? Then we are the right partner for you!

    foreclosure auctions

    You would prefer to acquire property – not somehow, but as a „bargain“ at one of the nationwide foreclosure auctions? If you are willing to pay our per diem plus expenses, let’s go!

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    Let's Find You Together The Place You Deserve

    We understand exactly how frustrating it is after a long, unsuccessful search, when you try hard and one visit follows the next – without a hint of a chance, because someone is always „ahead of me in the queue“…

    Rent # Sell # Foreclosure Auction

    We specialize in apartments and houses for rent!

    You want to rent an apartment, a house or a duplex in Berlin or the surrounding area?

    Are you looking for a carefree new home for you and your family?

    Then you are exactly right with us!

    Since 2013, we have specialized in the Berlin rental housing market and have built up very good relationships with property managers and owners.

    If you are looking for your new apartment or house in Berlin, please contact us. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

    Rental service for owners

    Just a few benefits for you as an owner to rely on a qualified agent to rent your property/ies:

    • Protection of your privacy
    • rent in line with the market
    • attractive presentation
    • target-oriented advertising
    • successful viewings
    • credit check
    • suitable tenant selection
    • rental contract & handover protocol
    • tax deductible
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    Brokerage contract "Search for rental housing"

    We understand exactly how frustrating it is after a long, unsuccessful search, when you try hard and one viewing follows the next – without a hint of a chance, because someone is constantly „ahead of me in the queue“…

    Documents for your successful apartment search:

    • completed self-disclosure form
      last 3 proofs of income (Attention self-employed!)
    • Schufa information
    • Rent debt free certificate
    • if necessary, proof of insurance
    • if applicable, passport and residence permit/registration certificate
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    As a prospective buyer for your Berlin property, you have certainly already made acquaintance with the lavish prices and scarce offers in sought-after locations…

    We can’t do magic, but thanks to our many contacts and our widespread network, we have our proverbial „ear to the ground“ and will find your dream property for you.

    But sometimes it takes a little longer until we have found your dream property… we approach our broker colleagues pro-actively, but always discreetly.

    The only important thing is that you really buy your dream property at fair conditions!

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    BROKERAGE CONTRACT "Sale of Property"

    Selling your apartment, house or property successfully and seriously is of course just as important as achieving the „highest“, „best“ and „fastest“ sales price…

    At this point, unfortunately, sometimes two, even three different worlds collide:

    • the world of the seller (you)
    • the world of the buyer (your prospective buyer)
    • the world of the agent (us)

    Our task as agents is to match your expectations and hopes with the expectations and hopes of your prospective buyer. In the end, you both have to say „yes“ with a clear conscience – almost like marriage.

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    Bidding representation at foreclosure auctions

    Section 71 (2) ZVG requires that a bidder acting as a representative must prove its power of representation by means of a public1 or publicly authenticated document before the bid is accepted. In the absence of proof of the power of representation, the bid must be rejected in accordance with Section 71 (2) ZVG.

    For this purpose, we require a notarized document issued to us by the notary, the bidding power of attorney. It makes sense to specify the amount for the absolute highest bid in this bidding power. However, it is always advisable to have this power of attorney issued directly by a notary. This way, the notary is also liable for any errors in the document’s content. The costs for this are borne by the client.

    For bidding representation at foreclosure auctions, we usually charge a flat hourly rate of 150.00 EUR + expenses for travel plus VAT – please contact us.

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    Additional services provided by our partners

    Note: With all partners we pay attention to convincing quality, professional qualification and many years of practical experience in the respective field. If we would not hire the partner ourselves, we will not recommend it to you!

    Real estate appraisal

    „As is well known, the devil is in the details!“ and so also with real estate valuation – for each type of property the right partner in each case with many years of experience & professional expertise!

    Property management

    We know our partners in the field of property management and recommend only those HVs that really suit you!

    Janitorial service

    As is well known, beauty is in the eye of the beholder… our cooperating partners ensure radiant beauty throughout the property!

    Handyman Service

    The app for Berlin: „At Hand Serices“ for iPhone & Android from now on you have first-class service at your fingertips!

    Financing & Loans

    With access to over 400 financing partners nationwide, our network partners will find exactly the right financing for you.


    As brokers, our cooperating partners in the insurance sector are exclusively committed to your interests and needs!

    Legal advice

    RA Sascha Fürstenow for Real Estate, Contract & Banking Law in Friedrichstraße in Berlin or other colleagues from our network.

    Tax advisory service

    Directly from the tax advisors in our network or at low cost from our vlh – vereinigte Lohnsteuerhilfe Beratungsstellen – our income tax assistance association centers.


    Our long-standing cooperating partner is both professionally and legally authorized to provide extended assistance as an accountant according to § 6 No. 3 and 4 StBerG.